Our Event


A fundraising event uniting Farm to Table cuisine with the theatrical French concept of Tableaux Vivants.

Farm-to-table chefs rely on traditional farmhouse cooking, with its emphasis on freshness, seasonality, local availability, and simple preparations in an artistic way. Tableaux Vivant, French for living pictures, describes a group of costumed actors or artist’s models, representing scenes from literature, art, history, or everyday life on a stage. They are carefully posed, theatrically lit. In Victorian England, Tableaux Vivant was considered a playful pastime, a parlor game to amuse guests and engage them in a deeper appreciation of art.

Tableaux can vary in complexity and size. From theatrical troupes to stylish solos, historical or contemporary, indoors or out.


Farm to Table(aux) brings together 300 community-minded, philanthropic art & food lovers to enjoy a farm-to-table feast of fresh and seasonal dishes prepared by local chefs alongside the imaginative productions and performances of local artists and performers.

During the Cocktail Reception, 4-5 community-based designers or artists each produce a spectacular tableau using local models, actors, friends, or volunteers.

The local cause takes the stage during the seated program, and guests are served culinary delicacies from local chefs then feast on entertainment and performances.