Our Services

Annual License

Exclusive Annual License to FTT for your location.

Design Package

Branded Design Package customizing your promotional materials.

Project Management & Event Consulting

Our team serves as an extension of yours through support, guidance and shared best practices on pre-event planning pieces, revenue activations and event day execution.

On-Site Experts

”Day Of” on-site Experts for event set-up, management, and logistics.

How-to guide

Proprietary FTT “How-To” Guide including step-by-step roadmap, best practices, timelines, budget templates, sponsorship materials, music playlists, and more.

Cash call auctioneer

Our Project Management experts can conduct your cash call/fund-a-need. (Cash Calls led by our team have raised up to to $207,000 in revenue generated for our partners)

Live auctioneer

Live Auctioneer. Our Project Management experts are all experienced auctioneers.

Other Benefits

Event Software: STUDIO 4Forty has relationships with different event software platforms and can help steer you in the right direction. 

Auction Connections: STUDIO 4Forty has relationships with different auction consignment companies that can provide low-cost auction options that fit well into any live auction or raffle.

Monthly Great Ideas Email

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