Our Services

Let’s Create a masterpiece!

Annual License

Exclusive Annual License to FTT for your location.

Design Package

Branded Design Package customizing your promotional materials from event webpage to e-blasts, printed invitations & advertising.

Project Management & Event Consulting

Our team serves as an extension of yours through support, guidance and shared best practices on pre-event planning pieces, revenue activations and event day execution including but not limited to: budgeting, venue selection, sponsorship, marketing, committee engagement, revenue strategy, event element logistics, run of show, hands on event day help and more.

On-Site Experts

”Day Of” on-site Experts for event set-up, management, and logistics.

How-to guide

Proprietary FTT “How-To” Guide including step-by-step roadmap, best practices, timelines, budget templates, sponsorship materials, music playlists, and more.

Monthly Great Ideas Email

Ideas from around the country sent straight to your inbox

Cash call auctioneer

Our Project Management experts can also conduct your cash call/fund-a-need in-person or virtually. (Cash Calls led by our team have raised up to to $207,000 in revenue generated for our partners)

Live auctioneer

Live Auctioneer. Our Project Management experts are all experienced auctioneers and can conduct your live auction in-person or virtually. (Live Auctions led by our team have raised up to $94,000 in revenue generated for our partners)

Other Benefits

Event Software: STUDIO 4Forty has relationships with different event software platforms and can help steer you in the right direction. Both the Project Management team and the Graphics team is often very hands on in software set up.

Auction Connections: STUDIO 4Forty has relationships with different auction consignment companies that can provide low-cost auction options that fit well into any live auction or raffle. The Project Management team can provide insight into best practices regarding auction lots that can best benefit your event.

Access to our national fashion partners who showcase and sell merchandise at your event, and underwrite their own travel costs.

Access our list of businesses by industry from all of our events (does not include contact information). Get ideas for targeting businesses in your own market.